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The History of Cigars: A Journey Through Time


At Black Cat Cigar Lounge, we often reflect upon the illustrious history behind what we offer. Premium cigars, revered by many, are not just products of the soil and sun but also centuries of tradition and craftsmanship. Their story is as captivating as the smoke they produce.

Delving deep into history, the origins of cigars can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of Mayans, who wrapped tobacco in palm or plantain leaves. But it was Christopher Columbus and his crew who introduced cigars to Europe, setting the stage for a global fascination. If you ever visit a cigar bar in Florida, remember that it’s not just a place to enjoy a smoke but a venue that celebrates an age-old tradition.

As cigars grew in popularity, they carved their identity in various regions. Havana might be renowned for its cigars, but the cigar lounge in Miami Beach, Florida is a testament to the enduring allure of this time-honored indulgence. Our lounge, in particular, is an ode to this rich history, where every puff tells a story.

Today, the ambiance of a smoking lounge in Florida, much like ours, is designed to transport you to different eras—from the wooden interiors reminiscent of old Cuban haciendas to the modern amenities that cater to discerning aficionados.

Intrigued by the legacy of cigars? We invite you to step into our lounge and be a part of this journey. Contact us to discover more about the timeless world of cigars.

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