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Some Cigar Etiquettes You Should Follow


Cigars have long been accompanied by a rich tapestry of traditions and an evolving code of etiquette. Here are some invaluable tips that embrace the timeless spirit of cigar etiquette to impress your companions and cigar connoisseurs alike.

  • Bring a cigar cutter and a lighter
    Bring a cigar cutter with you if you are going to a cigar lounge in Miami Beach, Florida. You need to cut off the cap or the closed end of your cigar before you start smoking. Also, don’t forget to bring your own lighter.
  • Light your cigar evenly
    When you light your cigar in a cigar bar in Florida, don’t directly set your cigar on fire. Hold the cigar about half an inch away from your lit lighter and slowly rotate it above the flame.
  • Don’t dip your cigar
    Dipping your cigar selection does nothing to enhance its flavor. If you are interested in a whiskey-flavored cigar, for instance, there are many infused options available that don’t require dipping.
  • Watch your ashes
    Keep an eye on the end of your cigar, and make sure to gently tap your cigar off in an ashtray before the ashes drop on their own. If you tap it too firmly, ashes may spray across your lap.
  • Don’t stub out the cigar
    When finished, don’t smash your cigar into the ashtray. Instead, sit your lit cigar on the edge of the ashtray, and it will go out naturally.

Black Cat Cigar Lounge cigars have been crafted by professionals who designed them to be smoked for the ideal experience. Now that you know gentlemanly rules to follow, you’re ready to smoke like a pro and enjoy carrying on the proud tradition of lighting up a cigar in a smoking lounge in Florida.

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