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Pair These Drinks with Your Cigars


The rich, nuanced flavors of liquor and a perfectly paired cigar can create a delightful sensory experience that awakens and sets the tone for the day. Explore the art of pairing cigars with your drinks in our cigar lounge in Miami Beach, Florida, for an experience that heightens your mood.

  • Whiskey
    Whiskey stands out as the preferred pairing option from its remarkable versatility, as the diverse range of whiskey expressions with nearly any cigar. A generous pour of whiskey in any cigar bar in Florida will satisfy your bolder, spicier, and fuller-bodied cravings.
  • Rum
    Given that many countries that produce tobacco also cultivate sugar, it comes as no surprise that rum is a natural accompaniment to cigars in our smoking lounge in Florida. The robust and earthy characteristics of cigars harmonize beautifully with the flavors found in rum.
  • Brandy
    Brandy offers a luxurious and refined conclusion to an evening, making it a highly favored choice for a pairing beverage. Particularly suited for stronger cigars, the combination of brandy and a robust cigar creates a harmonious symphony.
  • Wine
    Wine boasts a remarkable versatility and a wide array of flavors, making it possible to discover a bottle that perfectly complements your chosen cigar. It’s so versatile in its range of flavors that you should be able to complement whatever cigar you choose.
  • Coffee
    Not all cigar enthusiasts will indulge in alcoholic beverages. Coffee emerges as another perfect companion, offering a sober and delightful pairing. Coffee and cigars often boast similar flavors, and their combination jumpstarts your day.

The marriage of cigars and drinks can be an extraordinary experience. But it simply depends on your preference. So, embrace the journey, savor each sip and puff, and indulge in the delightful symphony with Black Cat Cigar Lounge.

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