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Beginners’ Guide About Using a Cigar


Are you trying your very first cigar? While the experience will surely leave a mark in your memories, there are ways to be safe on your first smoke. These ways may help you prevent any complications that may arise from using a cigar improperly. This article will guide you on using a cigar from a cigar shop or anywhere else.

  • Go slow
    Do not rush. Your first smoke can sometimes be uncomfortable when you do not pace yourself. Take small inhales of smoke slowly and surely. You do not want to get suffocated on your first smoke. You can also seek assistance from other smokers in a cigar bar in Florida.
  • Identify the sensations
    After having your first smoke, try to identify the sensations it provides to your body. Mindfully smell the scent and taste of the smoke. When you want to enjoy the experience of a combination of sensations, visit our smoking lounge in Florida.
  • Learn how to clean
    While smoking can provide you with ecstasy, you should also learn how to clean up after smoking. Cleaning up is also essential to preserve your health and well-being.
  • Learn when to smoke
    After having your first smoke, you must identify the best possible time to smoke. When your loved ones do not like the scent of smoke, you can do it elsewhere. Interestingly, you can smoke during specific activities. These activities will heighten your experience of smoking a cigar.

If you want to enjoy more cigars, visit our cigar lounge in Miami Beach, Florida. We at Black Cat Cigar Lounge are open to serving customers, beginners or experts, by providing them with services that will heighten their experience in smoking cigars. Contact us for more details.

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